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Sales & Marketing

How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

Margarita Golod, visiting partner at Pear VC, and former head of trade marketing at Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design, hosted a talk on email marketing in April for Pear Founders and we wanted to share the key takeaways with you.  When many founders think about marketing, they think about channels like […]


5 Guidelines for Introducing Product Management to Your Company

Product management can be an elusive topic, especially as its definition changes as the company grows.


15 Mistakes Startups Make When Building Their First Engineering Teams

The first mistake managers encounter in the hiring process is not prioritizing hires.


Transforming Healthcare with Tech

Advice from those working on the ground

Founder Stories

Next Generation Biotech

Dr. Mostafa Ronaghi (cofounder of GRAIL) shares insights from a decades long career in biotech.


What It Takes To Go from 0 to 1: From 0.5 ➡ 1

Prove that you can systematically sell your product.