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Lessons From Padmasree Warrior

Padmasree shares insights on the arc of her career from engineer, manager, CTO, and CEO to startup founder.  In one of our Female Founder Circles, we sat down with Padmasree Warrior, founder and CEO of Fable, the social reading platform for online book clubs. Previously, she served as CEO of NIO USA and CTO of […]

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Come join Pear as our Director of Accelerator Operations!

We’re looking for a Director of Accelerator Operations to grow our renowned early-stage Accelerator. As the Director of Accelerator Operations, you’ll oversee the program from company selection to Demo Day. We’re looking to onboard a full-time Director before our upcoming Winter Accelerator in 2022. In order to cultivate a more inclusive venture ecosystem, it’s important […]

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Come join Pear as a Visiting Partner!

Pear’s Visiting Partner program is for experienced founders and operators seeking to learn the full toolkit of early-stage VC through sourcing, diligence, and advising.  This is a 6 month commitment, either part-time or full-time, with an opportunity to become an investment partner at Pear. Out of the past four Pear Visiting Partners, two have joined […]

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Ladder: Democratizing Access for Career Growth

Ladder, a seedling in Pear’s S20 Accelerator company that has blossomed into the leading professional platform for the next generation.

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SZNS x Pear

SZNS is building the infrastructure to support NFTs and make it accessible for all participants in the ecosystem.

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Welcome Anna Nitschke as Pear CFO!

Pear’s new CFO Anna Nitschke is laying down the foundations for our expansion in being the best partner for founders from idea to series A.  Our journey to finding the perfect partner for Pear was deliberate and extensive, as we screened over 380 candidates. When we met Anna, we knew she was the right partner. […]