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Axle Health: Bringing Virtual Care to Patient Doorsteps

Pear VC's latest investment is bridging the gap between virtual and in-person care.

Pear News

Pear Partners From 0 to 1: Anand Iyer

Before Anand founded Trusted, he was the co-founder of Threadflip, which lost out, in a sense, to Poshmark.  Reflecting on his time there, after Poshmark’s IPO, Anand realized that he and his team had always been relying on product to move the needle. “It was always based on some small signal and sometimes there’d be […]

How to: Product & Engineering

The Data and Analytics Playbook for Startups

Ali Baghshomali, former data analyst manager at Bird, hosted a talk with Pear on data and analytics for early stage founders. We wanted to share the key takeaways with you. You can watch the full talk here.  While a lot has been said around building go to market and engineering teams, there’s not much tactical […]

How to: Sales & Marketing

How to Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

Margarita Golod, visiting partner at Pear VC, and former head of trade marketing at Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design, hosted a talk on email marketing in April for Pear Founders and we wanted to share the key takeaways with you.  When many founders think about marketing, they think about channels like […]

How to: Product & Engineering

5 Guidelines for Introducing Product Management to Your Company

Product management can be an elusive topic, especially as its definition changes as the company grows.

How to: Product & Engineering

15 Mistakes Startups Make When Building Their First Engineering Teams

The first mistake managers encounter in the hiring process is not prioritizing hires.